While I was out shopping over the weekend, I came upon a display of coloring books — for adults.  I thought it was a gimmick at the craft store, but then I found them at two other places.  Apparently this is the new “hot item.”

I can see where these would catch on.  There has always been something simultaneously relaxing and rewarding about coloring — you can see the progress as you fill in each space.  It allows for creative expression — especially the adult versions that have no standards or expectations of what it “should” look like.

I am not sure what adults would use as their medium — certainly the spaces are far too small for crayons.  They just call out for Sharpies, but I was surprised that the pages are printed back to back and would make bleed through an issue.  Maybe colored pencils will make a comeback too?

I was mostly disappointed to see that the pages are tightly bound, and there are no perforations.  Are adults beyond tearing theirs out and posting them on the refrigerator to enjoy both the artwork and the compliments that follow?  I don’t think so!  

The next time you need to de-stress or slow down the hectic pace of life, consider picking up a coloring book.  In this high tech world, a little low tech relaxation may be just what is needed to help you color your world happy.

— beth triplett


  1. These are great. I have been coloring for a few months. It is great therapy. They make great gifts and are beautiful when framed. Highly recommend this to all.

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