Pope Francis has been actively preaching his environmental message across the world.  I have a suggestion of one tiny step people can take to help conserve resources: reduce the number of napkins at fast food restaurants.

I went through Hardee’s drive-thru and ordered one sandwich.  No fries, no drink, no other people in the car.  And I received 12, yes, one dozen, napkins in my bag.  Not all establishments are as egregious, but most of them are excessive.  Dairy Queen hands you four per cone.  Others put a handful in your bag, and I would bet that most people toss them instead of taking them out and repurposing them elsewhere.

Pay attention to the number of napkins you are given and the number that you take.  Reducing both won’t change the world, but it is a place to start.  Keep in mind that napkins really do come from trees and not dispensers.

— beth triplett

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