Different people handle “vacation anticipation” differently.  

In the days or hours leading up to a vacation or holiday, some people shift into “leisure mode” and their systems start to slow down.  Their mind is already on the beach and their productivity level wanes.  They are mentally gone, even if physically present.

Other people use the pending time away as an energy booster.  They approach their vacation in a flurry, with lists of things that “must be done” before departing and their productivity level actually increases before the plane takes off.  They leave with a clear mind and clean desk.

Think about which pattern typically describes you.  If you’re an ease-into-vacation type of person, you should schedule appropriate tasks and meetings on the last day.  If you’re the get-it-all-finished kind, you need to ensure you don’t schedule things in your waning hours so you have the time to knock things out.

As a manager, you can tell the patterns of your staff.  Align your expectations with your employee’s expected behavior so you can both enjoy the time they are away.

— beth triplett

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