I believe there are some things that should be a standard size.  The pillowcase with your sheet set should fit your pillow.  The bread from your loaf should ease into the toaster.  And the shower curtain liner should, well, line the curtain with the same number of grommets.  

As I learned the hard way last night, this is not always the case.

I went to Target to purchase a shower liner.  I had to select whether I wanted clear, white or frosty: check.  I chose between light weight, medium weight or heavy weight PEVA: check.  And off I went.

Who knew that I had to also check whether it was “standard” size (aka 12 holes) or “stall” size (aka 9 holes)?  Guess which one I picked vs. which one I needed.  Grr.

Apparently, bathtubs are becoming the relics just like the knick-knacks I wrote about yesterday.  Fewer homes are installing them, thus enough people are calling for “stall size” curtains that the items have become standard issue in our tiny Target.  

Nothing can stand still in today’s fast moving world.  I’ll bet shower curtain liners have been the same size for literally decades, but no longer is one choice enough.  Two lessons for today: 1) be sure to check the size next time you purchase and 2) you’ll get all wet if you sit still.  Even shower curtain liners need to evolve with the times.

— beth triplett

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