I recently had a conversation about our recruitment strategies for next year.  We were trying to determine whether we should switch something around, or whether to leave it the same for another cycle.  “Sometimes I think we experiment too much,” said one of my staff. “It makes it hard to compare.”

It is a fine line between something that is solid and something that is a rut.  In this fast moving environment, it becomes difficult to know if keeping something the same is a good thing, or whether it is a symbol of being stagnant.

If something doesn’t work right away, do you change it or give it a chance?  Is leaving a strategy alone for a few years empirically smart? The answer can make for great conversations.

Outside of business tactics, is having a ritual become a tradition a welcome thing or boring?  Some people may be comforted by having the holiday party at the same place every year, while others may be tired of it.  Some may like knowing that for registration we wear “the” polo, while some may long to change things up.

It is a matter of judgment as to when to stay with the path you’re on and when to veer from it.  Taking too many turns will likely impede progress, but staying the course too long could result in a dead end.  

Make your changes or stick to your plans with intentionality.  Changing for change sake is insanity, but so is never making adjustments.

— beth triplett

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