I wonder why Macaroni and Cheese is making a comeback?  There is so much emphasis on healthy food, yet good ‘ole mac & cheese is popping up on menus and in magazines across the country.

As if pasta cooked in butter and covered in cheese isn’t bad enough, now it comes “loaded”, with multiple cheeses blended together, or covered with any number of extra toppings.  You can easily get mac & cheese with peppers, chili, mushrooms, ham, shrimp, tofu, meatballs, vegetables and of course, bacon.

Even those on a healthy regimen can splurge on rare occasions.  Perhaps it is as much the nostalgia in addition to the taste that this particular dish engenders.  Or maybe life is so stressful that comfort food becomes a solace every now and then.

How can you take a lesson from the growing popularity of macaroni and cheese?  Can you update a classic and link it to an emotional experience for your customers?  Is there something you can provide that is indulgent, but may be the welcome comfort that others seek?  

There may be times when bad is good!

— beth triplett

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