‘Tis the season for moving, and there seems to be much of it going on.  

The neighbors next door to me were transferred out of state.  For two days, the semi was parked in front of their house and much hammering, packing and loading took place.  As the truck pulled away, I wondered where their home was at that moment.  

It wasn’t the house that was now empty, even though all three of their children had been born while it was their home.

It wasn’t the house where they were going to, since it, too, was vacant at the moment.

Was it actually on the moving truck, which contained all the possessions that were precious?

Or was it simply where they were at the moment — in the car, in transit?  My mother always said: “everyone lives somewhere,” and that part is true. 

Take care not to become too attached to a physical place.  Given the transitory nature of our work and lives, I think it is better to spend your energy creating memories, cultures and feelings that can transcend one locale.  

— beth triplett

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