A few years ago, a well meaning Eagle Scout candidate installed landscaping around the sign welcoming people to our city.  It looked beautiful and was a great improvement over the sign which had been sitting solo on a plain concrete base.

Fast forward to now, and the rock area in front of the sign has as many weeds as rocks.  The plants around the base are interspersed with overgrowth, and, all in all, it looks pretty shabby.

This sign project, as with many similar propositions, took all the details of the present into account but forgot to plan for the future.  Nothing lives on without attention and care: not sign landscaping, an organization, a democracy or any project you spearhead.

“The end” only happens in fairy tales. Keep the weeds in mind the next time you make plans.  On-going maintenance isn’t sexy, but it is what keeps your project living on in glory after the initial roll-out phase.

— beth triplett

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