Last weekend was TorqueFest at the fairgrounds.  Acres of cars from a bygone era filled the midway, track and buildings.  It was a car person’s feast.

But many of the people at the event weren’t dressed in jeans and t-shirts; they fully embraced the spirit of the era and dressed in 1950s attire.  Girls in full skirts and curl haircuts.  Vendors who offered attire and hairdos of a long ago time.  Music that fit with the generation that originally drove the featured cars.

TorqueFest wasn’t for everyone, but many who were there took it quite seriously.

What is that niche in your world that will appeal deeply to a small sliver of the market?  Can you find a unique product or service that resonates with a few, but ubber-loyal and devoted fans?  

More is not always better.  New is not always preferred.  Appealing to the masses is overrated.  

How can you think small today?

— beth triplett

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