Graduation time is fast approaching, and with that comes a flurry of parties and social events to honor the special guests.  

It also brings a round of the two questions that are dreaded by graduates across the land:
> for high school graduates: “What are you going to major in?”
> for college graduates: “What are you going to do after graduation?”

Many lucky students have (alleged) clarity with which to provide answers, but for a good majority of students they just don’t know.  Thus, either they have a stock response so they can have something to say, or they are faced with admitting to all the well-wishers that their plans are nebulous at best.  Either way, it adds anxiety at an already stressful time.

My suggestion is that you do all the grads a favor and leave those questions for others.  Instead you can try some small talk like:
> Tell me one thing you will miss about school.
> What is one thing you’re looking forward to after May?
> What subject are you glad to be rid of?
> What are you going to do now with all your [insert school colors here] clothing?
> Is there one teacher you’ll remember more than others?

If the graduate has clarity on major, college or career choice, it will come out in conversation.  But if not, spare them from giving a non-answer and let them enjoy their special day.

— beth triplett

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