The creative agency called “Box of Crayons” offers a daily provocation to stimulate your thinking every morning.  One of their latest was a video of people answering this question:
“What is the most powerful question you know?”

It is a fascinating question, and I was intrigued with the host of answers that were shared.  Examples included:
> How do you want to be? (the response is never tired, frustrated, distracted, etc.)

> What if failure is not a deal breaker?

> What has to be true for success to happen?

> How can I help (a “learning and serving” question)

> What’s at the heart of this?

> What is calling you that you need to embrace and do today even though it may feel overwhelming?

Box of Crayons has a whole video series of people answering this question and explaining why they chose it.  (They are worth a listen at

I think if they asked me, my most powerful question is “what isn’t?”  People often become focused on what is that they overlook what is not being said/done/thought about.  

What is your One Best Question?  Maybe it will provide the answer you need to be successful today.

— beth triplett

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