Yesterday was Ruckusmaker Day — one of the lesser known, but probably more important of the holidays.  Author Seth Godin wrote about commemorating those who make a ruckus:

…There’s a lot to admire about the common-sense advice, “If you don’t have anything worth saying, don’t say anything.”  On the other hand, one reason we often find ourselves with nothing much to say is that we’ve already decided that it’s safer and easier to say nothing.

If you’ve fallen into that trap, then committing to having a point of view and scheduling a time and place to say something is almost certainly going to improve your thinking, your attitude and your trajectory.

A daily blog is one way to achieve this. Not spouting an opinion or retweeting the click of the day. Instead, outlining what you believe and explaining why.

Commit to articulating your point of view on one relevant issue, one news story, one personnel issue. Every day. Online or off, doesn’t matter. Share your taste and your perspective with someone who needs to hear it.  Speak up. Not just tomorrow, but every day.  A worthwhile habit.

I found it an ironic commentary as I write blog #999.  For over 32 months, day in and day out, I have posted an entry.  And I note that in those 999 days, I have received 11 official comments on line.  Eleven.  Someone recently asked me if I had the comment feature turned off (I do not.)

I receive many emails from people who know me and verbal comments that indicate someone is reading what I write, but everyone seems to be reluctant to put their responses out there for others to see. 

If you don’t want to commit to Seth’s challenge to write daily, make the effort to acknowledge those who do.  Let those whose works you are reading know that the ruckus they are creating is relevant to you. And share your comments for others to read too so that the ruckusmakers know they are not alone.

— beth triplett

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