The hardest part of my day is getting out of bed.  A friend of mine says that the hardest part for him is putting his boots on.  It’s the same idea: once you are ready to go, the “going” doesn’t seem so bad, but it is hard to motivate yourself to get to that point.

What can you do to make getting started easier on yourself?

> Throw the covers off you as soon as the alarm goes off so you’re not tempted to roll over and snuggle in them?

> Have your notes and supplies set out and write a few thoughts in advance so you’re not starting your proposal by staring at a blank page? or plan out the list of blog topics for the week instead of sitting down and scratching your head about what to write about?!

> Have your shoes and exercise clothes with you so you can change in the office and not be tempted to skip your work out and head home?

My screen saver says (and I have written about before): “the hardest part is getting started.”  Find ways to merge onto the ramp instead of tackling the task from a dead stop.  

— beth triplett

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