In the wild, hunters are known to catch monkeys through a simple scheme.  They drop a grape into a bottle and tie the bottle to a tree.  Then the monkey comes along, and reaches in for the grape.

The monkey’s arm slides easily through the neck, but in the process of grabbing the grape, the monkey makes a fist, preventing him from pulling his hand out of the bottle.  The monkey doesn’t know enough to drop the grape; thus, he is essentially trapped in the bottle and easily captured.

Are there times when you act like the monkey and hold on to something past the time when it is prudent for you to do so?  Have you focused so much on the task at hand that you failed to see the big picture and longer term impact of what you are doing?

Sometimes it really is better to follow the advice from Frozen and “let it go.”  Don’t be a monkey.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Curt for the story.

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