I recently was out of town and stayed at a new hotel.  I was surprised at the attention (to say nothing of the expense) that went into designing the room to provide elements of privacy.

The desk was separated from the sleeping area by a sliding glass partition — you could open up the room or work late and keep the bed isolated from the light.  The toilet and a mini-sink were located in an entirely separate room from the shower and another sink.  You could easily have three people in the non-suite space without seeing each other…

…and yet, there was a king sized bed.  How many people did they anticipate would be sleeping there?  I wonder why the room was designed to accommodate multiples on one dimension and not on others. 

If you spend the time and money to create three private spaces, make it in a space that may actually need it.  If you spend resources on special touches, ensure they are noticeable enough to have an impact. 
Take a lesson from this hotel design and provide congruence in your planning.

— beth triplett

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