Most movie theaters are laid out in such a way that you turn in the ticket you just purchased, and then are able to approach the concession stand.  People typically consider the food there as average quality, overpriced and something that you buy as part of the experience — much like you would have hotdogs at a ballgame.

A local theatre boasts that they have the “best popcorn in town.”  Many people agree with them, and as a result, they have carved out a niche with popcorn sales — independent of the customers who are coming to see a movie.  Their lobby is structured so that someone can go in without buying a theatre ticket and buy popcorn to go. In fact, so many people are doing this that they now have a special parking place reserved just for the popcorn buyers.  I have used it several times!

In addition to generating extra revenue, the ease of popcorn-to-go is delighting customers.

What is that one little piece of your organization or business that customers want a-la-carte?  Can you make something available to them unbundled that others often sell as part of a whole?  

You may be surprised at how a little effort on your part can really make customer satisfaction pop.

— beth triplett


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