How did Tom Turkey make a presentation yesterday?  Though the wonders of technology, of course.

Thanks to a fun app MyTalkingPet, you can make a recording and it appears that any animal is speaking.  I received a version from my dog, asking if she could have a treat, and then another one from my other dog who wanted me to come home and play.  

In addition to amusing emails, the app can be used to make inanimate animals talk.  We have plans to deliver a message from our mascot; it was used to have an inflatable snowman deliver a holiday greeting, and it’s how Tom Turkey could describe a cooking contest entry.

If you want to have your dog tell your kids that Santa is watching or tug on someone’s heart strings with an “I love you” message from their pet, this app is a winner.  Think about adding a whole new dimension to your communication messages through its use.

— beth triplett

MyTalkingPet at the App Store 
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