I wrote yesterday about fostering connections with other people.  The premise of that thought was to link mutual needs in a way that benefited both parties.

Today think about a different perspective; rather than linking people and needs think about who wants what you don’t.

Some examples: 
> We have a box by our printer to collect all the unwanted paper with one side blank.  It seems that there are always excess pages on the printing from the Internet or misaligned copies when trying to do reductions, etc.  These pages are collected in a box then given to the local day care center for children’s projects/scribbles

> We received a year’s supply of folders without a slit cut for business cards.  The printer reprinted for free, but what to do with excess inventory?  We gave them to guidance counselors who use them to distribute financial aid and college planning information to high schoolers.  (We may “misprint” next year on purpose!)

> In an effort to reduce consumption of helium, we stopped using balloons for our special events.  What to do with two bags of printed balloons?  The student activities group sponsored a water balloon fight during opening weekend.

> When cleaning out the garage after my father’s death, we donated all the lumber scraps to a high school trade skills class.

The flea market, antiquing business and garage sales operate on the premise that “someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.”  Think about who would want your excess before you store it or dispose of it.  I’ll bet there is someone out there to take most anything.
— beth triplett

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