Basketball season started this weekend, so I spent most of Friday evening and Saturday afternoon watching games.  Our men’s team starts three freshmen this year, and we have a new coach, so at the first game everyone was trying to assess how the season would look.

We lost on Friday, but the team played hard and showed a lot of grit.  They looked liked they had played together before, and even though it didn’t show up in the final score, we thought it was a win given the circumstances.  

I talked to the coach before Saturday’s game and told him that we were encouraged by what we saw.  He said that he tried to take his wife’s words to heart.  She said to him: “Progress, not perfection.”  It proved to be true as we beat a tough team on Saturday.

Think about these words when you are facing a challenge or a daunting task.  Most things involve a long season and you don’t have to get it all right from the start.  Making progress with each step is a manageable path to success.

— beth triplett

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