On Friday, I wrote about using children’s books in training.  Another book written for young adults is not only being used in training; it has even inspired an international movement.

Today is International Dot Day — I wish it was to commemorate leadershipdots, but instead is a global day of celebration about creativity.  Dot Day 2014 has over 1.6 million registered participants from 80 countries.

It began with a simple children’s book by Peter Reynolds.  In the book, a student is convinced she cannot draw so the teacher encourages her to just paint a dot on the paper and make her mark. One thing leads to another, and eventually the creativity flows.

In 2009, Traer, Iowa teacher Terry Shaw used the book in his classroom and then suggested to the author that a Dot Day be created.  The day has evolved into not only an international program, but also a forum for celebrities to showcase their work (http://www.celebridots.com).  A free Educators Guide (at www.thedotclub.org) suggests that everyone wear dots today and “share your creativity with the world.”

The premise of The Dot and leadershipdots is the same:  Start. Get over the intimidation of making that first mark. Start small and connect the dots to make bigger things happen.  

Try to do something so you personally celebrate International Dot Day.  Take that first step and put your own version of a dot on the page.

— beth triplett

Thanks Megan for sharing!

Source: http://seadnooneever.com/2014/08/06/an-iowan-teachers-success-story-you-may-not-know-about-international-dot-day/

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