I received a survey from Acura wanting to know how I felt about my new car.  It was the longest survey I have ever taken, but they did a good job of making me feel like they truly wanted my input.

My car model has only been available for a month, and I applaud them for wanting to get it right.  The original release was delayed so that they were sure it was ready. 

Now they sent me a survey entitled “what went wrong”.  It listed virtually every section of the car, from cup holders to the transmission, and if you marked that you had any kind of problem at all it gave a dozen options to specify what the issue was and provided open ended comment sections so you “could provide as much detail as possible”.  

An example:  interior: do interior surfaces scuff or soil easily?  Is it scuff or soil?  Which surfaces?  What color is your interior?  Does the scuff easily wipe off?  Have you contacted the dealer about your problem?  And on it went.

The final question was also open ended:  Please give one comment (positive or negative) that we could share about your experience in the first month with your car.  If most people are like me, they will gain a host of testimonials to help convince others that the new model is working well.  

You know who uses your services.  Ask them for feedback about a month after they buy when the thrill of the purchase has worn off and they have meaningful input to give you.  You’ll gain not only insight, but goodwill from those you ask.

— beth triplett

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