Have you ever seen a legal pad that lawyers and law students often use?  Instead of the plain legal pad that is found in every office in America, a litigation pad or evidence pad is one with the margin drawn more to the center of the page instead of 1.5 inches from the left.
I have always liked these pads, and whether I have a literal one or just figuratively, they represent how my mind works.  I am present to “what is” on one side of the line, but my mind is also always making connections and notes on the other side of the line.Examples:
> I attend a lecture and make notes on the content, but my mind also makes observations on how the speech is delivered or how I could adapt some of the techniques for my class.

> I watched the “Fan Cam” at the baseball game where they asked fans to demonstrate non-verbal gestures like the first/third base coaches.  I later adopted that to become an icebreaker.

> I read the newspaper and note not only the news of the day, but consider what it means and how it might be crafted into a blog topic.

Try to spend today making notes on both sides of the metaphorical line.  If you only experience events without reflecting on their meaning you could be missing out on a whole dimension.

— beth triplett


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