Isn’t it ironic that as more things move to become “wireless”, we have more personal wires and cables than ever?  The permanent infrastructure may no longer be wired, but the portable wires have increased exponentially.  Each time we travel we carry ear buds, 30 pin chargers, USB cords, lightening cords and a host of other digital essentials for our gizmos.

Levenger, the accessory company “for serious readers”, just came out with a new cord roll to allow people to conveniently take their cords and chargers with them or be organized storing them at home.  When you need a case just for the cords, you know you have moved into the digital world.  

What have we really gained in the aggregate?  We traded hardwired for mobility, but the omnipresent phone or radio now must be brought along with each person.  There is individualization, and the burden of tending to your own needs.

The first cords may have been tied to the end of soup cans stretched from window to window.  They got some things right.  Today, take advantage of your holiday and make an effort to extend a metaphorical cord from yourself to another human instead of only to another device.  

— beth triplett

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