My mom has never heard of Facebook; couldn’t even comprehend Snapchat and more often than not the phone goes to voice mail instead of her.  So I write her a postcard — every day.

I am sure she enjoys the mail and tidbits of my life, but I think that I am the one to benefit most from the exercise.  Since I already wrote about what I did yesterday and I can’t write about tomorrow (or what will I say then?!), the daily nature of the activity keeps me focused on the present.  Writing the postcard gives me five minutes each day to reflect on what I did today and time to consider whether it made an impact.

Think about what you do daily that can give you cause to pause.  A gratitude journal.  A thank you note.  A yoga position.  A diary.  Or a postcard — to your mom, a service member, a senior citizens home or just about anyone you want to make feel lucky.

— beth triplett

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