Who owns the largest office building in New York?  You may make many guesses, but I doubt you’ll come up with the answer:  The Retirement Systems of Alabama.

RSA is a $35 billion entity that owns office buildings, parking decks, hotels, luxury condominium villages, an early learning center, performing arts center, golf courses, an activity center and even a park.  They are real estate moguls who have investments in three cities (Montgomery, Mobile and New York).

RSA’s goal is to “preserve excellent benefits and soundness of the Systems at the least expense to the state of Alabama and all Alabama taxpayers.”  Instead of investing in invisible ways, they have chosen to be prominently recognized for their ventures.

All throughout Montgomery, buildings display the RSA seal on their facades.  We learned that if the funding for construction came from RSA and the facility must display their logo until the entire debt is paid.  It is a bold way for the system to let the public know how funds are being used.  It is also an integrated way to strengthen the community through the reinvestment of funds.

I was only there two days, but there is no doubt that RSA has made a difference in Montgomery. Think of all you are doing for your members that is done behind the scenes.  Can you take a lesson from RSA and be more visible about the impact you are making in your community?  Maybe your logo won’t be incorporated into the design of a building, but there are other ways to show your influence in action.

— beth triplett

Source:  http://www.rsarealestate.com

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