I just returned from a trip to Texas and a visit to a friend’s home.  While I was there, he showed me the new landscaping that he recently had completed.  The purpose of the change:  to get rid of some of the grass in his yard.

It pained me to hear this as I have been trying mightily to grow grass in my yard.  

I know that he spent a hefty sum to have the grass removed and the rock garden installed.  I have spent more than a few dollars myself trying to fertilize and seed my back yard area (with little success I may add!)

The grass/rock dilemma brought home the importance of context and understanding of the situation.  If you were asked:  “which is better, grass or rock?” and answered without knowing the climate or availability of water, you may have a different reply than if you were informed.

One way is not right for everyone.  Seek to take the other person’s perspective before you jump to conclusions or make judgments.  Rock beats scissors, and sometimes it wins out over grass.

— beth triplett

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