One only has to look at this winter to get a sense of how even the mighty can fall if you don’t tend to things continuously.  Just a few short months ago, this was the pile of snow in the mall parking lot:

Today it is gone.  

We haven’t really had “spring” or even days when it was prudent to be without a coat.  It’s not like the hot sun has been shining or people are rejoicing about the warm and wonderful weather.  It’s just been a tad warmer, still with that cool wind — and yet, it was enough to make the mountain of snow vanish.  

Little by little, without any notice or flourish, the pile is gone.  It disappeared in a trickle, not a flood, but it is gone nonetheless.

The same can happen in your organization if you don’t care for it.  That big lead or advantage you took for granted — that you couldn’t conceive of losing — can slowly slip away like the snow pile.  

Organizations, relationships and all organic things can entropy without proper care.  Think of the mountain when you feel like resting on your laurels.  If you lean on it too frequently, you may find yourself falling on your bottom instead.

— beth triplett

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