When I took driver’s ed many moons ago, I still remember our teacher’s adage to watch out for cars that were banged up or appeared to have been in an accident.  He believed that more often than not it was a sign that the owner was not driving with a defensive posture.  “Many accidents can be avoided if the driver is alert enough to play defense,” he said.

Undoubtedly the parent who posted the sign in the picture above was trying to help the other drivers be a little bit more careful when driving around this vehicle.  

Being proactive is important, but another component of the work we all must do is more reactive.  Part of driving — and part of working in an organization — is playing defense.  We need to take the wheel and be alert for what others are doing in the area.

Part of your role in offense is helping others to play better defense around you. Utility trucks put cones out when they are parked.  Companies use “caution” signs when the floor may be wet.  Cups come with warnings about the temperature of beverages.  What can you do to help those around you be aware of a situation and prevent problems before they occur

— beth triplett

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