I had dinner last night in a place that prominently displays a chalkboard boasting they have served 2,217,936 burgers since April, 1977.  This is not a big fancy chain, rather little restaurant with a total of 28 tables plus a bar.  Yet, they have somehow managed to sell about 175 burgers a day, every day, for the past 35 years.

More notably, what they have done is make the intangible tangible by quantifying it.  They could say we’ve sold “a lot” of burgers, but that is far less impressive than putting out there for every patron to see that they have sold more than two million.  If they have served that many burgers, then your subconscious thinks “it must be good”.

Organizations could take a lesson from this little eatery.  Most enterprises are not especially good at keeping track of their volume/results/inputs and thereby lose an opportunity to quantify impact in an impressive way.  Just like numbering your blogs, it helps to put a number on how far you have come.

— beth triplett

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