The Post Office forfeits a prime opportunity to educate people through its stamp program. It is great that stamps feature prominent Americans, special causes, and historical events but a picture without any background leaves a large gap.

I purchased the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg stamps and clearly knew who she was but am not knowledgeable about Chief Standing Bear who is also featured in a new issue. Was there anything to enlighten me on the back of the panel or in the side margins? No. Not even as much as “Supreme Court Justice and advocate for equality” for RGB or “A Hero of Native American Rights” for the Chief.

The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee does a good job focusing on making the selections and developing the art to commemorate their choices, but including a bit of education in the mix would benefit everyone.

Where are there opportunities for you to infuse a bit of context or facts in your offerings? Take advantage of your ability to share knowledge when you can.

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