Today’s dot was written by Krista Permentier from Minot State University’s LEAD 201 Collaborative Leadership Class.

As I sat down next to my t-shirts, I looked at the abundance of tie-dyes I own. Each is made with the same products, the same procedure, and mostly the same design. However, each one is unique and very different from the next.

We get so used to the same procedure and design of our days at work, at school, and even in our home lives; however; what would happen if each day was different? Would it amount to pure chaos, or would it be a new breath and refresher of the joys of our everyday life?

Consider a tie-dye shirt. When you lay yellow and blue next to each other, you may get yellow and blue, or you may get a green gradient, Look at how a simple, yet subtle factor can change the entire experience.

Whether this be a t-shirt or a day, you should take charge of it yourself. Make your own subtle change, find a new path or design, place the rubber bands differently, or run on a different schedule. Watch as not only will you get something equally (or more) beautiful, but you’ll get a new experience based on the change.

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