I rarely eat at McDonald’s, but they have really been pushing the deals on their app and I fell for it. I did my order with one of their BOGO specials and headed to the drive-thru to pick it up. The app calculated the right amount, but the restaurant wouldn’t acknowledge that the deal had been applied so they made me pay the difference before they would give me my food. Not a great start to app use!

So, I took the survey on the receipt and shared my dismay. I received an email reply, telling me to call their customer service number to receive my refund. Not the kind of resolution I had hoped for, but I called.

I talked to the agent for seven minutes and had to provide more documentation than it takes to buy a plane ticket. Name, address, phone, email, type of phone the app is on, receipt number, items purchased, the difference in cost, etc., etc. The end result was that she forwarded my information to the restaurant manager. Good grief!

The manager called me, “wanting to make everything right” – which involved leaving my refund in an envelope at the restaurant – so I could come to pick it up! Not a credit card refund, not mailed – no, I had to go there, wait in line, talk with three people before anyone knew anything about it, and pick up my refund in a piece of paper stapled together to hold it. No coupons, no note, no “sorry for the inconvenienceS” – just the $4.27 they overcharged me in the first place. Guess who deleted their app?

So many things went wrong in this scenario that it’s hard to believe I’m not exaggerating. This wasn’t a gray area – I had a screenshot of the order and a receipt with the extra amount. It was a ridiculously tiny amount of money. I share this story for you to use as a case study with your customer service staff: Eliminate the bureaucracy, go overboard with apologies and compensation and MAKE THE CUSTOMER HAPPY. Right now, Ronald is the only one smiling.

Photo credit: @Gabehabash 8/25/18

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