When I think of Legos, I think of little kids sitting around a pile of them building things but the company sees it differently. Legos is deep into the adult market and is continually adding kits that challenge the patience, dexterity, and wallet of their customer.

Whereas model cars used to be built with assembly kits and glue, today’s gearhead can buy Legos for many special models, including the Porsche 911, and Ferraris. Lego announced that they are adding a bonsai tree package and a floral bouquet collection that are designed to “encourage mindfulness” in adults. Each kit has over 700 pieces for people to inadvertently step on!

Lego kits also continue to become more elaborate. You can make a model of the White House or Disney Castle with Legos. A Colosseum kit retails for $549.99! The Imperial Star Destroyer is $699.99! Many others are several hundred dollars and are still back-ordered or listed as “hard to find.”

Think about your audience. Have you focused something only on youth that could also be adapted for adults? Or in reverse, could children benefit from a “young-adult” version of your service as many authors have done? Age is fluid in people’s minds — and should be in your targeting.

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