At the conclusion of the drum corps show, members who were “aging out” were individually thanked for their contributions. The returning members of the color guard stood on the sidelines during the ceremony and, without any prompting, all clapped in unison then simultaneously put their hands behind their backs and stood at attention in between each recognition. The 20 or so members in line all acted in unison as if it were a choreographed portion of the show — clap, stand at attention, clap, etc.

At this point in the season, it is ingrained in the corps members how to act when performing — no matter where they are on the field. Standing as they did was as natural to all of them as slouching would be to others. I’m sure they had been practicing that pose all summer and so did it without further instruction or thought.

Think about the behaviors you wish to ingrain in those on your team. An outstretched hand to everyone who walks in? A rigid back when playing an instrument? A certain posture as the game begins? A genuine smile when answering the phone? Intentional repetition of the details will become an automatic subconscious enhancement to your performance.

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