If you would have asked me if I had time in July to drive to Boston, and back, and then to Boston again I would have thought you were crazy. But I did the equivalent of that last month when I drove over 3700 miles. About 500 of them were for a vacation in Michigan, but the other 3200 were spent on day trips, airport runs, and in-town adventures while hosting family.

If I had planned a trip to Boston, it would have been a big deal but the local miles did not seem that significant. Yet, at the end of the day, my mileage added up to more than a trip East would have been. It is another example of how small things can accumulate into something bigger.

Think about your equivalent of driving 3000 miles locally. Is it a pile of your artwork that should be compiled into a portfolio or gallery show? Or a daily run around the block that you could use as training for a marathon? Maybe you should turn those notes into an article or novella and pursue publishing.

We often use the lack of time as an excuse but if we add up the minutes (or hours) we spend on the piecemeal components we realize that time is not the issue. Define the big goal you are driving towards and focus your efforts to reach that destination.

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