The nature of the Olympics necessitates that many facilities are built for temporary use but this year’s Olympic Committee earns a gold medal for being environmentally conscious in the process.

The 2500 Olympic medals are made from recycled parts of 6 million phones that were collected throughout Japan in a special drive from 2017-2019. It was a great way to not only keep the electronics out of the landfill but to build support and increase ownership by locals.

Podiums at the Games are made from recycled plastic, the base of the beds in the Olympic Village are made from sturdy cardboard that can be recycled later, and mattresses are also made from material that will be repurposed after the Games.

Such initiatives take more forethought and planning but are great ways to model environmental stewardship. Before you place your next order for anything, think about how your organization can creatively use recycled materials. It may be a great way to be kind to the planet as well as to engage others in your efforts.

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