As part of their sponsorship of an Indianapolis 500 car, HyVee grocery store had the actual vehicle on display. It’s the first time I had seen an official race car up close and was surprised by how incredibly small it is. The seat looks like it would only hold a small child instead of a full-grown adult. I don’t know how they get in!

But what they do manage to fit in is sponsorship announcements. Every square inch of that vehicle is covered with advertisements of the various sponsors — everyone from HyVee to Mountain Dew Zero, Cheetos, Wahlburgers, and more. I am sure there were intricate legal maneuverings to determine the font size and placement of every letter of type on that car, but you certainly know who is the driving force behind it.

Other organizations could follow their lead and likely do a better job of proclaiming and recognizing their sponsors. You certainly don’t have to be as garish and ostentatious as Indy but there may be more public ways of acknowledging those who are powering your organization’s programs and services beyond just a simple line in your annual report. Not every donor wants its name emblazoned on your materials but consider whether there is an appropriate external way for you to show who is providing your fuel.

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