I know of two leaders who worked for several years to instill a culture and implement amazing programs in their organization, only to be forced out by a board that feared change. After the leaders left, several members of the organization voluntarily departed as well.

The good part is that they all took their knowledge and conviction with them and are now spreading it throughout other organizations in the field. Some could even argue that they are having a wider impact than before. The values and principles that served as the foundation for the initial change efforts are being instilled in their new positions, fostering a wider network of support and bringing many others into the fold. They call themselves dandelions, spreading the message of change far more broadly than if they had stayed at the one organization.

Today is the conclusion of Year 9 of leadership dots. I like to think that the dots are like dandelions too, spreading seeds to readers as they spur you to see connections and dots in your own world because of what you have read. Hopefully, you’ve learned some things that have helped you work easier or think harder.

Please do your colleagues, friends, or family a favor and act like a dandelion today. Spread the dots to someone who could benefit from joining along as we begin Year 10 of the journey. Subscribe via email or via follow via Facebook or LinkedIn. Thanks for reading!

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