This week, I’ve been involved in a series of meetings wrapping up a three-year project. Instead of the usual flurry of business and new tasks to tackle, it has been so nice to spend our time together in reflection of all that was accomplished. People are reminiscing, laughing, telling stories, and looking back with an uncharacteristic amount of pride.

We’re at the one-year mark for COVID, and that, too, deserves a bit of reflection about how it has impacted our lives. LeadStar has developed a brief booklet with some prompts to help you look back on the pandemic experience. Whether you write out your answers or discuss them over the dinner table or with friends, I would encourage you to pause to consider all you have lived through.

Too often, we dash from one thing to the next without taking a moment for a well-deserved pause. It shouldn’t be that way. As I wrote yesterday, leaving space is a virtue (dot 3205). Make a few moments for reflection and create some meaning around life’s experiences.

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