Food banks and food pantries provide an essential service for those in need of groceries or household products, but often this results in processed foods and dry staples. A new movement is seeking to provide some nutrition for those in need by stocking refrigerators with perishables and healthier options.

The Love Fridge is a Chicago organization that sponsors seven refrigerators throughout the city. Each appliance is sponsored by an organization that checks for “fridge manners”, verifies the temperature and keeps items stocked.

Most efforts to help people involve traditional methods that have been around for years but The Love Fridge creates a new venue for distribution. Perhaps you can adopt a similar vein of innovation to distribute services to your clientele. Putting refrigerators out in the open may have sounded crazy but so far, the refrigerators have provided 30,000 pounds of perishables to those in need. How can you go a bit crazy with how you provide what you offer?

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