Yesterday was a beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy the outside. The concert in the park was canceled. My favorite out-of-town store was closed on Sunday during the pandemic so I couldn’t take a leisurely drive there. The new restaurant I want to try wasn’t open. The ferry ride required reservations. It became comical that my whole series of initial thoughts were unavailable to me. I went from Plan A to Plan H before I settled on a picnic dinner.

I was reminded of other efforts that some of my clients undertake as they seek to make changes in their organization. They pursue one path and if that doesn’t work then they move on to another and then another. I think some of them are on Plan Q, not just Plan H. The important thing is that they keep going.

It’s easy to become stymied when the optimal path is blocked, but make your persistence into a game. As you continue to pursue other options, you’ll come to appreciate that you succeeded on Plan H instead of Plan Q and keep any future thwarting in perspective.


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