There have been many great memes and funny stories during this pandemic but one that made me laugh out loud was the report by a shopper who received one green been with her online grocery order. One. For the cost of two cents.

On the website, customers order beans by the pound and so an order was placed for 1 lb. The store shopper saw the “1” and, well, went no further. I’m sure they got a good laugh from the order as well.

I could write that you need to test your systems, ensuring that the “pound” delineation on the website transfers over to your remote fulfillment tool, or that you need to train your employees to question seemingly irrational purchases, or that you need to have periodic quality checks to match the order with the delivery. All those things are true.

You can’t anticipate everything. So, collect the feedback on the order (which she so clearly provides) and have a regular process to address these kinds of situations after the fact. Better to have only one customer with a “sad, lonely green bean in a large produce bag” than to make it the norm.

Thanks, Jennifer!

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