One of the best things I’ve seen lately is a series of graphic designs depicting an actual 1-star review for each of the National Parks. The art itself is appealing but what really impressed me is the idea of taking this approach in the first place.

Artist Amber Share wanted to take a “unique twist” to depict the parks and when she learned about the reviews created her “Subpar Parks” series of designs. Some examples: Grand Canyon: “A Hole. A Very Large Hole” or Yellowstone: “Save Yourself Some Money and Boil Some Water at Home.”

There are thousands of pictures and paintings of each of these national treasures, but it took a real artist to see the opposite perspective that Share took.

Think about how you can follow her lead and approach a project from a totally different view. Target your marketing plan to those who haven’t purchased from you instead of those who have. Take photos, as my friend Tracy does, of the backside of famous statues/places instead of the same view everyone else captures. Start a meal with dessert and finish with the appetizer. Take your own 1-star reviews and turn them into something positive.

Einstein said: “Being creative is seeing the same thing as everyone else but thinking of something different.” With that as the measure, Amber Share earns a 5-star review.


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