One more thought from the human trafficking lecture I attended: the panelists were clear to dispel the myth that trafficking occurs by snatching children off the street. Most young women who are exploited through this injustice are initially groomed and seduced over a period of time. Individuals prey on the lonely, vulnerable and poor and befriend them with attention, money and gifts. Soon the disenfranchised person becomes indebted to the trafficker and controlled by their power.

If the mind is susceptible to grooming, think of how that malleability may be used toward good instead of illicit ends. A person can be bestowed with positive thoughts and dreams so that over time they become empowered to realize their potential. A person can be mentored, apprenticed, coached and professionally loved in ways that groom them to achieve greatness.

Whether intentional or subliminal, toward good or evil, wanted or imposed, we are all being influenced by others. Take care that the messages you share with others build their strength rather than minimize them. Over time, what you say (or don’t say) does matter.

Image by Tumisu on Pixabay

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