Many retailers and service providers are trying to make their buying process into an experience, and for tree-buyers, it is no different. About one-fourth of the 27.4 million Americans who have a live tree will do their own choosing and cutting from a tree farm this year.

While it is far easier to pull up to the tree lot and tie a pine onto your car, the experience of hiking through rows of trees and selecting that “perfect one” is far more engaging and memorable. There is even a current television commercial with a mom and her daughter out in the woods with their ax saying “you have nothing to prove” but making it seem like a symbol of women’s empowerment to do the cutting yourself. Other families like the tradition while still others chop their own to capitalize on the freshness of the tree.

No matter your reason or your method of celebrating, infusing your holiday with experiences will create memories that last far after the last present has been open. Don’t make your family traditions all revolve around shopping and gifts. Venture out onto the farm and enjoy the fresh scent for the season.

Source: Tree farmers pine for tradition by Jeff Montgomery for the Telegraph Herald, November 30, 2018, p. 1A

 Thanks, Amy for the picture!

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