Have you noticed the growing number of options in men’s shoes? It used to be dress shoes or athletic shoes, with few categories in between, but now men’s casual shoes have taken on a life of their own. There are full-page ads in many magazines that highlight the multitude of colors and patterns in the new styles.

The introduction of variety in male shoe styles has opened up a new market, not just for shoes, but it has expanded the casual fashion category. Relaxed dress codes can now be expressed with relaxed shoe options to make a suit seem less formal or jeans to become more so.

Women have always known that the right shoe can make or break an outfit, thus the accumulation of “so many” pairs. I predict that men will soon be needing more space in their closets if the adaptation of colors catches on.

Think of whether the implications of this should cause you to change your steps. Do you need to be more clear on attire expectations at work or events? Can you capitalize on the trend and provide storage options or spirit-themed shoes in team colors? Will we see a resurgence in the shoe shine stations beyond airports?

Colorful, patterned, casual shoes are one more way people can express their personality. Look for men’s shoes to start to do more talking, not just walking.

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