My sister came home to find an extensive gift basket filled with Halloween goodies on her porch – she had “been Boo-ed.” It’s a version of Secret Santa but for Halloween where neighbors anonymously deliver treats to other neighbors without getting caught. Those who have been visited post a ghost in the window so the next “phantom” knows to leave their basket at another house.

For me, it was one more sign that Halloween is taking on a life of its own. Not only is “getting Boo-ed”  happening in many communities, but there are a plethora of themed items to fill the basket that is delivered. Everywhere you go, there are more and more Halloween decorations, candies, accessories and gift items. It is becoming a major holiday on its own.

So, if you have caught the orange and black spirit and want to start a fun tradition in your neighborhood, leave someone a Boo Basket this weekend. It’s like mystery trick-or-treat for grown-ups and a fun surprise to find on your doorstep.

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