On my recent tour of historical buildings, the guide said that “architecture is art that is all around us.” I think that art is all around us, and architecture is just one of the ways it is expressed.

An artist at the Farmer’s Market proved that talent is not limited by its medium. While we often think of art as using a traditional tool such as paint or pencils, one of the vendors was giving henna tattoos and the designs were as beautiful as many paintings. I wouldn’t normally think of henna or tattoos as an art form, but in this case, they definitely were.

I have seen gorgeous sunsets lately and the trees are starting to turn their fall shades of red and gold. That, too, is art that is all around us.

Art does not live exclusively in galleries or museums. See the world with artistic eyes today and come to appreciate that which surrounds you.

Morning Star Henna
Danika Zivojnovich





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