People in the United States are crazy about their dogs – all 90 million of them — so it is no surprise that companies and organizations try to capitalize on that to earn their piece of the multi-billion-dollar pet industry.

One of the most clever events in this category is the Bark at the Park promotion at Safeco Field in Seattle. On four special nights this season, you can purchase a $50 Dog Pack which includes “a human ticket, dog ticket, Mariners dog giveaway and postgame walk around the bases”. Giveaways include a Mariners dog food bowl, tennis ball launcher and water bowl. If I lived in Seattle, I would be there!

Except for the giveaways (which undoubtedly have a sponsor) and the “waste disposable management team”, this event costs them nothing, yet I would guess that it will go a long way to boost attendance on otherwise uneventful weekday nights.

What can your organization do to earn the goodwill and greenbacks of the many dog lovers that you serve? It doesn’t have to be every day but creating a special occasion that includes the pups will have you wagging all the way to the bank.

Thanks, Meg!

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