Happy Earth Day!

Much of this year’s Earth Day focus is sure to be around plastics, especially efforts to eliminate use of the disposable plastic straw. I know that I find this challenging myself; while I always use the glass straws at home, they are inconvenient to take along for fast food and convenience store drinks.

Final Straw has solved the problem with a collapsible, reusable straw that is about the size of a car key. It comes in a handy plastic case that fits on your keychain so it is always with you. Final Straw is working on a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to fund a November 2018 release.

Celebrate Earth Day today by pledging to leave the plastic straws alone or by making a contribution to the Final Straw idea. Either will help keep some of the 500 million straws tossed away every day from adding to our landfills and pollution.



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